Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No excuse . .

Except we were camping and now we're all sick. :(

We went to Panama City a couple weeks ago. Camped at St. Andrews state park. We had a great time. The kids enjoyed it, too . . . until they both started running fevers. Kevin wasn't feeling good for a couple days, and after we got home, I got the nagging cough and sore throat.

Ethan started soccer practice yesterday. He is doing so much better this year than last time he played (the summer after Emily was born). He is going after the ball and being more forceful rather than just falling behind and watching the grass grow!!! He loves it. And they must be more competitive than the last league because we have practice 2-3 times a week until January!!! I don't even know when the season starts, but he'll be ready, no doubt.

Emily is doing great, talking up a storm. It's so nice when they can communicate with you. Relieves a lot of frustration and wards off a few (very few) tantrums!!

That's all for now . . . time to go watch Private Practice.

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