Monday, February 9, 2009

Boring weekend . . .

Kevin had to work all weekend, so the kids and I just hung out. Saturday, we went shopping and running errands.

Sunday, Kevin got up at 5am to find Emily already up. He tried to put her back to sleep (with me) and went to shower. When he got out, she was in the living room, just sitting in the recliner!! He turned on Dora, and she sat there and watched TV. He left around 6am, and I got up just before 8am. We don't know if she fell asleep or sat there the whole time!! Silly girl . . .

We have a busy few months, it seems. Kevin has a couple classes coming up. Ethan has been talking about touring the battleship in Alabama. Kevin and I went when I was pregnant with Ethan. We went again when Ethan was really young. So we will be going there for a weekend with both kids, and they are going to have a blast!! We also have a Disney trip semi-planned. Then, because this is our first year of dealing with school, we have a fun trip planned to Tennessee for Spring Break. It seems like we haven't taken any of our normal mini-weekend-vacations in quite a while, so we are excited!

Well, the princess won't nap forever!! So I need to get some things done before she wakes up!!

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