Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Princess!

Emily is two whole years old!!! I can't believe it. Time sure flies . . . :)

We had a fun morning of playing with bubba and Maverick, watching Dora, and posing for pictures for mommy!!!

Then I went to make her cake. She's playing in the living room, and I hear, "Mommy, help!!" followed by a thud. She fell off, I assume, the back of the chair. She must have hit my sewing chair because she has a few tiny bruises on her eye. NOT A BLACK EYE ON HER BIRTHDAY!!! :( As she's running to tell me, she hits her head on the table. (We have one of those bar height tables, and she has just gotten too tall to run under it.) Poor thing!!!

And you know it comes in three's, right . . . . .

So I took her in our room to snuggle for a nap, and she wanted some milk. I told her to stay there, and I'd go get her some. She didn't stay . . . and as she slipped off the bed, she misjudged the night stand and got a nice scrape down her back from the corner of the night stand. All this within a 15 minute span.

Now she's napping happily in her room. Hopefully she'll wake up refreshed and no more falls or accidents today.

I did manage to get some cute pics this morning. I'll have to post those later, with the pics from her devouring her Dora cake and getting presents. :) Which makes me wonder . . . will she even want to eat Dora and her dress?? lol

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